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Yes, it is possible, if the investment is made by unreliable intermediaries and we buy the property without receiving any documents for the property; Or if the contract between the seller and the buyer is not done in the notary (office) and if we make a deposit to the account of a person we do not know, there is a possibility of fraud.

No, you have the possibility to obtain citizenship by paying 250000 dollars now and 400000 dollars in the coming weeks to buy one or more properties, which means that your total investment within the borders of Turkey should be 400000 dollars. be

After the approval of the new law of $400,000, it is not possible to increase the amount of citizenship because the Turkish government has planned large investments in the sale of property for the coming years and the goal is to sell these properties to foreigners.

If we compare the big cities of Iran and Turkey on equal scales, yes, almost the property in Turkey is cheaper than in Iran, for example, the price of property in Istanbul is cheaper than in Tehran, and also comparing the regions of Turkey, it is a little cheaper than in Iran.

Each one has its own advantages, but in terms of economy and price, if we check, buying a second-hand property is 10-15% cheaper than buying a brand-new property in the same location.

The meaning of Turkish residence is the permission to live within the borders of Turkey, which is given either for a limited or permanent period, but the meaning of citizenship is Turkish citizenship and the right of citizenship, which includes Turkish national card and passport.

The city of Istanbul consists of 39 districts, 8 of which are central districts and are located around the Bosphorus. These districts are the best and most valuable districts.

A reputable real estate company has certain documents and characteristics, such as the certificate of təşımın ticareti ışıklik belgesi (property purchase and sale license) for the company and the subsequent ışıkılık belgesi certificate for the management and employees of the company, which is issued by the Turkish government for persons who have completed certain courses and They can work in this field, it is issued and a series of other documents include company registration documents, articles of association, etc.

When buying a zero-rated property from a legal entity, we have only one type of tax called KDV. ((katma değer vergis

In buying a second-hand property, the tax that will be included in us will be the seller’s net profit tax, and after buying the property, we have almost 6 types of taxes.

In case of buying a property suitable for citizenship, family members including parents and children under 18 years of age will be included in the citizenship law.

Yes, by purchasing a property under construction, you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship, because in Turkey, properties under construction have special separate documents, and you can obtain citizenship by receiving these documents.

In order to receive citizenship, you must buy a property worth 250000 dollars now and 400000 dollars in the next few weeks, and the payment must be made in an official manner from your bank account to the seller’s account, as well as the amount of the purchase, which must be declared to the Turkish government. It can be fully included in this amount, and the expert report registered by the official expert of the government must show that the value of this property or properties provides the conditions for obtaining citizenship.

According to the laws of Turkey, a person who owns a property within the borders of Turkey will be able to sell her property to anyone, including foreigners of any nationality or the same nationality, and buying property from foreigners is also not an obstacle.

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