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Real estate consulting is a highly specialized business and requires complete and up-to-date information, economic and computational literacy, and information on the annual inflation rate, exchange rates in Iran and Turkey, etc.

If you intend to buy property in Turkey, you should know that you should only cooperate with legal companies with sufficient licenses; Why are they obligated to respond to you in case of any possible problem? Unfortunately, currently, most of the active and even famous real estate companies in Turkey are not qualified to work as real estate companies due to lack of sufficient skills, tax evasion, and the like.

What is the difference between us and others?

  • Expert advice in the field of all types of documents in the purchase of real estate, both first-hand and second-hand
  • Complete explanations about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of purchases
  • Providing a complete analysis of areas and projects and their analysis before submitting the official government expert report
  • Direct contract with manufacturers and criteria
  • The offer of approved properties, which means that we only introduce you to approved and valid properties. In the sale of prefabricated properties, with conditions and installments, we will check all aspects, including the type of document and the construction company, and we will prevent you from creating any possible problems and financial losses.

Our customers are our assets and will always be in constant contact with us and our experts. Even after buying the property, you can be sure about its rent and sale.

Our job is not just to sell the property, but to help you make the best choice with a deep look according to your budget and desires.

Tramend is the key to your house.

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We provide complete services at every stage.